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The scenic spot ticket prices during the day: 40 yuan/person;

The night garden fare: yuan/person

【 breaks during the day admission fees regulation 】

1, height in children under 1.2 meters (1.2 m) by adults carry free swim team in the spring and autumn (not including students) in the park.

2, for full-time students (including adult college students), with valid student id card for half price discount.

3, active, retired army cadres can free into the garden, with valid documents held revolutionary disable armyman disable armyman of the state council issued a ticket into the garden.

4, more than 70 one full year of life of the elderly, holding the old certificate or identity card can free into the garden; In the age of 60 to 69 old people by "courtesy card" in the elderly or the effective certificate such as id card can be half price discount.

5, the national "model worker", urban (city) (above city-level) model worker by administration of suzhou gardens and virescence and suzhou city federation of trade unions issued "garden card" can be free.

6, held in suzhou sanitation workers "honorary certificate" of urban residents, the certificate is free.

7, the national disabled persons with valid documents) free.

8, guide's personnel held legally appointed itinerary for free of tour and travel.

The night garden relief admission fees regulation 】

Preferential policy crowd: children height 1.2 meters (1.2 m) the following free; Other certificates such as don't enjoy the discount

* above preferential policies are for reference only, the scenic spot to explain all, will be subject to consultation scenic spot actual reply. Hotline: 0512-65260004

Panmen scenery

Ticket price:

40 yuan / person

Panmen scenery

Opening time: 
White day   7:00~17:00
Night garden  18:00~20:00

Panmen scenery

Maximum instantaneous capacity 12000

Daily space maximum capacity 48000

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Located in the southwest corner of Suzhou Ancient City, Suzhou Panmen Scenic Area covers an area of 24.86 hectares with numerous historic sites and rich cultural landscapes.

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