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If suzhou is a book, then PanMen is her cover, we can open from here in suzhou, two thousand five hundred years of history. From legacy of PanMen HeLv city, to The Three Kingdoms built by sun quan ChanYuan phuket and the resolve to return favors tower (the predecessor of the auspicious light tower), since then, and each in each generation, until modern times, many literati landscape has been left here.

Here was the southwest transport hub in suzhou, was also a trade of flourishing region, from gate bridge into PanMen wu, we seemed to see Fan Chengda's "DE chao did blow on later, all lights turn digging" window of the busy scene. Tower is now the auspicious light, any method of drum, Bai Gui listen to zen, bamboo raw coincided, etc. The legend of magic, brought us to the "if tide living Buddha sound city, such as grinding ants smell like fog" legend behind the auspicious light ChanYuan. Once hing scrap PanMen region, many places of interest are repeatedly built and destroyed, repeatedly destroyed and built. Especially in modern times, in China the imperialist powers invaded by a foundering, sparsely populated region near the PanMen, snubbing depression, places of interest is damaged, is known as a "cold water PanMen".

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the government attaches great importance to the protection of cultural relics, the famous "PanMen three scene", the auspicious light tower, PanMen land and water gates and gate bridge wu respectively is listed as national, provincial, municipal cultural relics protection units.

In 1983, suzhou city people's government shall set up specialized agencies, reforming the ancient city wall, repair the auspicious light tower, temple complex kenwood phase;

PanMen scenic area in 1997 renovation project was listed in suzhou big tourism development strategy planning, and is listed as the city government focus on practical and engineering;

In 1998 the municipal government approved PanMen scenic spot planning adjustment scheme, by suzhou international holding group co., LTD. Is responsible for the implementation of economic development;

"National Day" on October 1, 1999 50 anniversary of scenic area was built and opening to the outside world.

PanMen scenic area in the process of building, in the past the auspicious light ChanYuan site, on the basis of the clever use of topography and drainage, digging into the lake, mountains, pile soil reconstruction Bai Gui pool, four rendon, landscape building, double pavilion lounge Bridges, tao Yin cui pavilions and other attractions, with the famous "PanMen three scene" and wu temple scenic spots such as through each other, forming a fusion of ancient buddhist architecture, ancient urban construction and the classical garden architecture characteristic of tourism scenic area, a complete full of jiangnan water features of scenic spots.

Panmen scenery

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40 yuan / person

Panmen scenery

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10 Mar - 10 Nov: 8:30~17:30
11 Nov - 9 Mar:  18:00~20:00

Panmen scenery

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Daily space maximum capacity 48000

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Located in the southwest corner of Suzhou Ancient City, Suzhou Panmen Scenic Area covers an area of 24.86 hectares with numerous historic sites and rich cultural landscapes.

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