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In the Panmen scenic area, there is a building imitating the Song Dynasty, named “ Four Rui Tang ”, according to legend, in the Northern Song Dynasty, Yuanfeng two years (1079 AD), there is a senior monk called “ Yuanzhao ” in the Rui Guang Zen Temple to open the forum to speak scriptures, there are five hundred followers to listen to him explain the Zen theory. He spoke the scriptures out of the ordinary, so much so that four auspicious signs appeared.

First of all, in the original Zhao speaking scriptures, there is a pool opposite, there is a thousand-year-old white turtle in the pool also climbed ashore to listen to him speak scriptures, actually be able to understand the Zen theory he spoke, by the original Zhao nod to become a thousand-year-old spiritual turtle, so the first Rui called “ white turtle listening to Zen ”;.

In the original shine when preaching scriptures, the temple has a Dharma drum no one beat it, themselves issued a thunderous sound, as loud as the thunder in the sky, so the second Rui called “ Dharma drum from the sound ”;.

At the time of the original shine speaking scriptures, Rui Guang tower on the multicolored haze appeared, so the third Rui called “ tower release Rui Guang ”;.

At the time of the original Shogun's sermon, the pulpit side of a bamboo that had died, slowly burst green, long leaves, alive, so the fourth Rui called “ dead bamboo burst green ”.

All the believers saw after feeling particularly magical, agreed that the original photo is the Buddha's incarnation, then this monastery since the Buddha's incarnation in, and four auspicious signs appear, indicating that this monastery incense flourishing, and is all things auspicious, so the monastery called & ldquo; Rui Guang Chan Yuan & rdquo;, the front of the pagoda called & ldquo; Rui Guang Tower & rdquo;.

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